Community Garage

In the Denver-metro area? Have an automotive project but no place to work? Missing tools or not sure how to tackle your project? Let’s solve that problem!

A space to build something awesome

Not everyone can afford to pay top dollar. Others like the idea of doing the work themselves or maybe learning a thing or two. I love being a part of and giving back to the car community. As such, I let others use my garage.

It might not be much, but my 2-car garage has a roof, tools, access to water/bathroom, and so forth. I’m here to lend a hand, help with know-how, lend a tool or simply hang out.

Why would I do this? Well, as a proper shadetree mechanic, I have worked in countless awful places. I know the pain of not having a garage. Plus, I like to pay it forward.

How it Works

Want to use the garage? Here’s how ….

1. You contact me (scotty) at 720 854-5077, we discuss your project, and we set up a time to use the garage.

2. You come by and work on your car. If you need or want help, I help. If you’ve got it handled, I just hang out. If you need to borrow tools. I have plenty on hand.

3. When you’re done, you clean up, take large trash and fluids with you.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Tools on hand …

  • Full set of hand tools with OBD2 scanner
  • 2 compressors with a full set of pneumatic tools
  • Angle grinder, sawzall, drills/drillpress, dremel, heat gun, power washer, shop vac, etc
  • Jacks, jackstands, etc
  • Cherry picker (engine hoist), press, engine stand, 110 MIG welder, 220 outlet (220 welder coming soon!)
  • Drain pans, rags, brake clean, and various shop supplies

For basic parts, Advanced is around the corner. Napa, O’Reilly and Autozone are down the street (within 3 miles). If you need a part while your car is down, I’ll run you to the parts store.

I also have lots of small hot rod parts laying around, like AN fittings, t-bolt clamps, or gasket material (for hand-cut gaskets)

Thanks for your interest in the Shadetree Speed Shop community garage.
Only you can prevent bad cars!