Repairs to vehicles

bad wheel bearingThis customer came into the shop for a noise. The noise was caused by a bad wheel bearing. The vehicle only has 24,000 miles on it, and when we checked the rim, we found it was rather bent. Most likely the customer hit something with great force, bending the rim and ruining the wheel bearing. We replaced the wheel bearing and this rim. If you put a rim that is this far out of balance back on the car, you would tare up tires and even wheel bearings. Note, a wheel this size should take an ounce or less per side to balance, this rim called for two ounces on one side, and five on the other.

I do own a spring compressor for disassembling and reassembling struts, but I have no idea where it is.

A long time ago, a crafty veteran taught me this handy approach. The compressed load of the spring is actually much lower than most people expect.

To put the assembly back together, use the weight of the car to compress the spring. If you want, you can also place two straps around the spring (one on either side ) prior to dismantling the strut. These straps then hold the spring compressed for re-assembly.

By using this technique, you can cut your time on replacing struts in half. You can replace them anywhere, like at the race track or in your drive way.

Lowering springs here I come!

This customer came in complaining of noise on acceleration and braking. The rocking of the engine, due to broken motor mounts was causing a very loud clunk.