So you have a battery that keeps going dead. You have checked all the connections and the cables. They are clean and in good condition. You have replaced the battery or tested it, and it is o.k. and it’s full of water. You’ve gone on to check or replace the alternator. It charges over 13.5 […]

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Whenever I recommend a new timing belt and water pump, I am often asked, “Can i do that myself?”. My short answer is, “No”. I would not recommend your average vehicle owner to attempt replacing their timing belt and water pump. We often see cars come in here with minor to major problems stemming from […]

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A frequent cause of heartache for technicians, and car owners alike, is the failed E-test. Truth be told, just about any properly running vehicle will pass emission testing. This post will not be a laundry list of cheats. Rather, this post will be a comprehensive list of repair information, to aid in actually repairing the […]

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I’ve seen and tried lots of ways to get a tie rod end out of a knuckle; the torch, a pickle-fork, even a ball joint press. This approach is quick, clean, and leaves the threads of the tie rod end and the nut intact. If you don’t have an air hammer, a regular hammer will […]

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I do own a spring compressor for disassembling and reassembling struts, but I have no idea where it is. A long time ago, a crafty veteran taught me this handy approach. The compressed load of the spring is actually much lower than most people expect. To put the assembly back together, use the weight of […]

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