How Check Engine Lights Work

Check engine lights can seem mysterious. Understanding how a…
November 6, 2014/by Shadetree Speed Shop
Why E85 Is Unethical

Why E85 Is Unethical

Although an apparently attractive alternative fuel, E85 is unethical.…
March 2, 2012/by Shadetree Speed Shop
Thermostat, overheat, underheat repair

Over Heat, Under Heat, Or Somewhere In Between

Vehicle over heating? Vehicle not heating up fast enough? Vehicle…
June 3, 2011/by Shadetree Speed Shop
Car share stas

Car Sharing, It’s Hip With The Kids

You may have recently seen cars on the road with logos on the…
May 22, 2011/by Shadetree Speed Shop
left hand thread

Left Hand Thread

As you make your way through the automotive repair world, you…
April 13, 2011/by Shadetree Speed Shop

How Does A Turbo Work?

Often misunderstood, always awesome, the turbo is one of the…
March 13, 2011/by Shadetree Speed Shop

Brake Job Gone Wrong

A customer recently brought his Ford in for service. At the time…
February 16, 2011/by Shadetree Speed Shop
how a relay works

How A Relay Works.

A relay, in the most technical terms, is an electro magnet that…
February 13, 2011/by Shadetree Speed Shop
Chrysler by Maserati

Who made what for who?

Whatever your relationship with the automobile, it is important…
February 10, 2011/by Shadetree Speed Shop

Known Problems First

The other day a Nissan came into the shop. The battery and the…
January 8, 2011/by Shadetree Speed Shop
noise complaint chart

Noise Complaints

The other day I was installing an axle. When I pulled the new…
January 1, 2011/by Shadetree Speed Shop
alternator trick

A Quick Note About Alternators

Often times, in order to make a repair, you will have to remove…
November 11, 2010/by Shadetree Speed Shop
Best tires in the rear

Best Tires In the Rear?

Often times customers will have worn two of their tires out,…
October 31, 2010/by Shadetree Speed Shop

Theories Of Automotive Repair

When it comes to automotive repair, there are several methods…
October 4, 2010/by Shadetree Speed Shop
Check Engine Light Causes

Common Check Engine Light Causes

Here is a list of the most common check engine lights (CELs…
September 26, 2010/by Shadetree Speed Shop
Wet Oil Filter

Wet Oil Filter

A quick note about oil changes. All good techs will clean the…
September 25, 2010/by Shadetree Speed Shop
Caution Over Heat

What You Need To Know About Overheating A Vehicle

The first thing you must know in regards to a vehicle over heating…
September 2, 2010/by Shadetree Speed Shop
How to find an electrical draw

How To Find a Draw

So you have a battery that keeps going dead. You have checked…
July 26, 2010/by Shadetree Speed Shop
Cold Start Problems

My Car Is Hard To Start Cold Or Runs Poorly Cold, Why?

Cold Engine Enrichment
A common complaint, especially when temperature…
July 20, 2010/by Shadetree Speed Shop
Old used car water pumps

Can I Replace My Timing Belt And Water Pump?

Whenever I recommend a new timing belt and water pump, I am often…
July 17, 2010/by Shadetree Speed Shop