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Welcome to the Shadetree Speed Shop

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Shadetree Speed Shop

I’ve turned a wrench since I was a little tiny kid. Can openers, lawnmowers or any of the junk cars in the yard were no match for my willingness to tear it down and see how it worked. Most days I even got them back together and working as they should.

62 Ford pickup, 64 Wildcat, 65 Fury, 67 Continental. These were the cars I cut my teeth driving and building as a teenager. I lived and breathed valve adjustments, setting points, checking vacuum advance or swapping heads – all from the comfort of the driveway. I later got into imports, big turbos, crazy boost, and modern computer tuning. Before long I was building professional drift cars, in the woods rescuing rally cars, designing cars for the Texas Mile, or racing point to point. At the end of the day, I like all things car.

What I do

Automotive Performance

Tip to tail, I build hotrods. Chassis and suspension tuning, built motors and big boost, fuel cells and fiberglass everything. I really prefer all go and no show. Zoom-zoom.

Automotive Repair / Maintenance

From heavy-line to brake jobs, I fix cars. Whether preventative maintenance or resurrecting an abandoned car with a blown motor, I fix it all.

Power/Weight Ratio

Power to weight ratio is the key to race cars and hyper-fuel efficient cars alike. Balancing the cost of increased volumetric efficiency while reducing unwanted weight is an act learned over time.

Engine Build/Rebuild

Popped your motor or worried you might? I’ve put countless motors back together to get cars back on the road. I know a thing or two about building a race motor to stay together.

Weight Reduction

Cutting weight improves performance and fuel economy. Carbon panels, aluminum parts, and removing excess: let’s get that weight gone.

Fuel Economy

Tuning, aerodynamics and weight reduction all help improve performance but can also be leveraged for improved fuel economy. Reduce, reuse and recycle applies to cars as much as anything. Don’t replace that older car, make it more efficient.

Worth noting …

I no longer work on cars as a full-time occupation. Turning a wrench was a hobby, became my career and now is my hobby again. I still fix cars and build hot rods, but on a much smaller scale and mostly just for friends.

That being said – you need something fixed or built, holler at me. I’m always down.