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Shadetree Speed Shop

I’ve turned a wrench since I was a kid. Lawnmowers, chainsaws, or any of the junk cars in the yard were no match for my willingness to tear it down and see how it worked. Most days I even got them back together and working as they should.

62 Ford pickup, 64 Wildcat, 65 Fury, 67 Continental. These were the cars I cut my teeth driving and building as a teenager. I lived and breathed valve adjustments, setting points, checking vacuum advance or swapping heads – all from the comfort of the driveway. I later got into imports, big turbos, crazy boost, and computer tuning. Before long I was building professional drift cars, in the woods rescuing rally cars, designing cars for the Texas Mile, or racing point to point.

At the end of the day, I like all things car-related. The Shadetree Speed Shop is how I stay in touch with that passion.

What I do

Automotive Performance

I like anything above and beyond stock. Tuners, drifters, street racers, time attack, stanced, hot rods, off-road, lifted trucks, low riders, gasoline or diesel.

Automotive Repair / Maintenance

From engine swaps to brake jobs, I fix cars. Whether preventative maintenance or resurrecting a car that sat for years, or diagnostics and emission failures.

Worth noting …

I am a semi-retired mechanic. I mostly work on cars for friends and neighbors.

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