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Welcome to the Shadetree Speed Shop

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Shadetree Speed Shop

I’ve turned a wrench since I was a kid. Lawnmowers, chainsaws, or any of the junk cars in the yard were no match for my willingness to tear it down and see how it worked. Most days I even got them back together and working as they should.

62 Ford pickup, 64 Wildcat, 65 Fury, 67 Continental. These were the cars I cut my teeth driving and building as a teenager. I lived and breathed valve adjustments, setting points, checking vacuum advance or swapping heads – all from the comfort of the driveway. I later got into imports, big turbos, crazy boost, and computer tuning. Before long I was building professional drift cars, in the woods rescuing rally cars, designing cars for the Texas Mile, or racing point to point.

At the end of the day, I like all things car-related. The Shadetree Speed Shop is how I stay in touch with that passion.

What I do

Automotive Performance

I like anything above and beyond stock. Tuners, drifters, street racers, time attack, stanced, hot rods, off-road, lifted trucks, low riders, gasoline or diesel. If you want something built, I am game!

Automotive Repair / Maintenance

From engine swaps to brake jobs, I fix cars. Whether preventative maintenance or resurrecting a car that sat for years, or diagnostics and emission failures, I excel at detail-oriented automotive repair.

Automotive Consulting

Have an automotive project but not sure where or how to start? Have a car that needs lots of work and not sure how to prioritize it? I can help! Let me lend my experience nad help guide you through even the most complicated automotive project.

Mobile services

Can’t make it to me? I’ll come to you. With well over 2 decades of experience working remote, I fix things wherever they might be. I cover the entire Denver-metro area and will happily come to you. Give me a shout and I am on my way.

Community Garage

A space to build something awesome.

Are you in the Denver-metro area and need a place to work? Do you need to borrow tools? Not sure how to tackle a particular automotive project? I can help! Give me a shout and you can use my garage. If you need help, I am here for technical know-how or just to lend a hand.

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Worth noting …

I am extremely pragmatic and I always look for reasonable solutions. I will tell you when a 10-cent o-ring will fix the problem.

I take tremendous pride and care in my work. I enjoy nothing more than a job well done. At the same time, sometimes you just need to keep it on the road or a racer back on the track.

I often take a holistic approach to cars. I like to look an entire car over, tip to tail. I like to fix things, no matter how small or big. Then again, not every project is a full-blown restoration.

No job is too big or too small. All things are worth fixing.

If that sounds good, and you need something built or fixed, holler at me. I’m always down.